Founded in 2013, Reduse is the creation of Co-Founders Hidde-Jan Lemstra and David Leal. The two entrepreneurs met for the first time in 2008. Being naturally curious about the research of others Hidde-Jan enquired about David’s PhD and immediately noticed the potential for commercialising his Unprinting technology. In 2011 David published a paper in the prestigious journal, ‘Proceedings of the Royal Society’. However, it was in 2012 when the founders decided to make concrete plans for the business, utilising David’s expertise around print removal and Hidde-Jan’s strategic commercial experience. 

From humble beginnings and initially without funding, Reduse was launched and an experienced entrepreneur Stuart Evans joined during 2013. After receiving European funding from Climate-KIC, product development commenced on the concept of the Unprinter and the first patent was soon filed. Together with the progression of the technology, the team also expanded with the inclusion of Chief Technology Officer, Tony Dunn. An experienced chartered engineer, Tony brought a wealth of product development experience on board. Reduse has continued to receive funding from Innovate UK, Cambridge Enterprise and investment company Parkwalk Advisors. The company has expanded out of IdeaSpace into offices in Sheraton House, Cambridge where it was possible to set up an in-house development laboratory. 

Our research shows the scale of the problems faced by paper-intensive organisations and the scale of potential demand for our Unprinting technology. The companies looking to implement our technology see the benefits of reducing their costs by waste reduction, decreased paper consumption and lessening the need for storage space; but most of all they want to do the right thing and use Unprinting technology to protect the environment. Reduse has developed the technology to enable reuse of paper in a way most end users and companies thought impossible until now. As we introduce our technology, more and more potential users are embracing Unprinting as a ‘win, win, win’ situation for their business. 

We’re ready for Unprinting, are you?