We remove print from paper using laser. Printed paper in; clean white plain paper out. We thought it best if we just call that Unprinting.

Our technology lets you reuse office paper several times before it gets recycled. Did you know the average office employee uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year but most is discarded within just a few days? Imagine the impact this has on our environment. Digital technologies have failed to solve this problem as most people prefer to print rather than viewing onscreen information. Most large paper-intensive organisations have implemented the best available technology in an attempt to resolve their paper issues. This has been the best they can do until now – it’s time for a change, it’s time for the Unprinter!

Unprinting can help businesses make a cash saving of 40%, based on less usage of new paper and lower spend with shredding companies. Our technology can help you lower carbon emissions with an 80% reduction in CO2 when compared to traditional paper recycling. The Unprinter will fit seamlessly into any office with little or no change to working patterns. Simply place your printed paper into the Unprinter which will remove toner, leaving you with stacks of clean paper ready to reuse. The Unprinter will automatically discard any paper, such as folded or coffee stained sheets, which are unsuitable for the Unprinting process, ready to be sent for traditional recycling.

What is Unprinting?

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